my name is James Mason Cowell. i love playing and listening too music. i always try to make people happy. anything is worth doing if one calls it an adventure...



French artist David Redon remixes vintage American ads and propaganda posters with modern day pop icons. In this series titled “Ads Libitum” Redon cleverly links selected songs from the artists to classic vintage prints that may have shared a similar idea. Check out the full series HERE


And this is what you get when you put Green Day, blink-182 (and alcohol, and cake) in one room.


Watch Dogs release date, story trailer unveiled

Ubisoft has released a brand new story trailer to Watch Dogs which also confirms the game’s May 27 release date.

Check out the new story trailer here.

Pierluigi Fracassis sculptures of Bones, Mirrors And Thread

Pierluigi Fracassi is a multidisciplinary Italian artist. He works in everything from photography to sculpture. In his installation work, Fracassi uses mirrors, bones, and thread to great effect. He also uses a lot of text in his works, like the mirrored piece, “Verresti al ballo con me?” (will you go to prom with me?). Cold and humane at the same time, definitely some interesting stuff going on. Click through to see more from the artist.

(Source: f-l-e-u-r-d-e-l-y-s)